What I do


The recent changes in global economy, global health, and politics, with the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 pandemic, demand for new approaches in global public health. Traditional international/global public health has experienced many challenges and weaknesses revealed by the recent events. In the coming years there is a need to rethink global public health and health systems by going beyond current approaches based on (global) public health isolated from politics, economy, and society – an integrated (global) public health. I will be happy to support your government, company, or organisation in rethinking public health, evaluating the current and setting new vision, priorities and defining steps to reach them out, so your strategies create the greatest impact.


COVID-19 pandemic uncovered significant gaps in national and international public health governance, preparedness and response. It also highlighted many weaknesses of health systems, their dependence on politics and low priority of their financing. I can support your efforts to establish sustainable health systems and integrated public health through consultancy in various topics, including public health surveillance, technical assistance, sustainable financing, effective transition from international to domestic financing sources, social contracting, pandemic preparedness and response (including COVID-19), communicable diseases prevention and control (including outbreak management and control), NCDs, injury prevention control and many others.


From a single inspiring lecture to a simple training or a complex training programme, from discussing the agenda or curriculum through development of learning and teaching methodology and delivering training programmes to evaluation of educational processes, I would be happy to support you in expanding capacities of your company or target audience to achieve their public health service goals and to inspire their work with the principles of equity, sustainability and better world for all. I can help you to develop new global public health leaders.


Planning research and evaluation, setting right objectives, defining appropriate research questions and defining the methodology are essential for conducting a successful research and evaluation. My guidance and advice may help you in reaching your goals more effectively.


Either a research or a public health project proposal you are planning to develop, my guidance may help you to go effectively through all the steps, from defining the project objectives, setting up a team, developing a budget, estimating the risks and choosing the right strategies to prevent them, dealing with ethical issues and communication.


Limited funds available often require prioritisation and their directions towards the project proposals that are the most important for the society but and the same time which are feasible and sound and can be delivered with minimal risk and with maximal quality. Please contact me if you need assistance in evaluation of various types of project proposals.