A romantic story about the Fifth October


Konstantin, one of the leading actors of the Serbian Fifth October revolution when Milosevic’s regime was defeated, not wanting to give up his ideals, loses his job, family, and parents. He was forced to return to Bulkes, his birthplace located in the province of Vojvodina. In order to escape from reality, he begins to investigate the past of Andreas Awender, a pre-Second World War doctor and revolutionary. This ‘investigation’, full of forgotten people who suddenly come to life, helps Konstatin to overcome defeats and learn to live with what he cannot change.  

“I am fascinated, without exaggeration, how modern history slipped from the writer’s pen mixed with personal, general social themes, how it all poured into form because it was composed in the head, soul, heart. The ancient past intertwines with the present through personal stories, everything is skilfully connected, the history of a place that is talked about by people, houses, cemeteries – and thus nothing remains buried.” 

Dragica Pantic

In 2010, the novel “Cohabitation” was shortlisted for the regional VBZ award (among 103 novels) for the best unpublished novel. The jury consisted of the leading regional authors Miljenko Jergovic, Vladimir Arsenijevic, Zoran Feric, Julijana Matanovic and Strahinja Primorac. 

Novi Sad: Rosencrantz; 2013.


Vladimir’s father was a communist and a revolutionary and his brother died in a concentration camp during the Second World War. Thirty years later Vladimir finds himself in Edinburgh, on a secret mission, together with a young trainee who dreams to become a writer. The days are passing but the further instructions from the Yugoslav Secret Service are not coming… 

The novel Strappado was short-listed in the VBZ regional prize for 2019 (within the best six among 97 novels) by the jury made of the leading regional authors and critics: Zoran Feric, Strahimir Primorac, Jagna Pogacnik, Drago Glamuzina and Mile Stojic. 

Belgrade: IBN Studio, 2019.


A bildungs novel about Bono, who was growing up in Yugoslavia, just to witness its bloody decay. As a teenager, Bono decides to fight against Milosevic’s regime. Once Milosevic is defeated, new disappointments wait for Bono, who is finally forced to go to exile. 

Belgrade: IBN Studio, 2019.