Comics by Predrag Duric: About lost illusions and the awakening of hope

2022-02-20 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

All the Faces of Freedom – a collection of the short comics by Predrag Duric

2021-12-04 Observer North Macedonia

„Dušan Reljić – comics, cartoons, illustrations“ by Predrag Duric

2021-12-01 Strip pressing 22 (Luka Stojanovic)

Bizarre plays of the ’comedian case’ - All faces of freedom

2021-11-21 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Faith in a world without inequality and injustice

2021-10-10 Danas (Dragan Stosic)

Vivid experiences of a mischievous detective and a street teddy boy or Princess Dolnozemskaya, Detective Kassowitz and ’Cloud in Pants’

2021-10-04 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Đurić's "Talking Squares": Passionate depictions of "The Story in Pictures"

2021-08-08 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Golden age of Vojvodinian comics – 23 interviews by Predrag Duric

2021-01-01 Strip pressing (Luka Stojanovic)

The Serbian publishing house System Comics with the ‘Front Line’ comics omnibus, which also includes Macedonian authors (September 12, 1914)


Portrait of an important comic creator: Dusan Reljic - comic, cartoon, illustration


A couple of chapters on frames 03: The Golden Age of Vojvodina comics - 23 interviews

2018-05-27 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

About the time of enthusiasm for 'stories in pictures' or the testimony of those who participated - The Golden Age of Vojvodina comics - 23 interviews

2017-06-26 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Internationals 10: Cut to the Root (P.S.)

2016-10-23 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)


2016-09-01 Strip pressing 17 (Luka Vidosavljevic)

A story about a breakup

2016-08-21 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

Internationals 08: What was never ours (New Pannonia)

2016-05-01 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

Internationals 07: Plans of Men and Mice (Communist)

2016-03-27 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

Comics-stream: Stories from Yugoslavia

2016-01-18 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

International 06: One Single Step (The Way)

2016-08-21 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

Internationals 04: Farewell (The Last Station)

2015-12-15 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljjovic)

Apocalyptic flood in Novi Sad (The End of the World)

2015-11-17 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

A hard road under heavy feet (The Fugative)

2015-10-11 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

Internationals 03: Sharp Left Turn (The Day when the Summer Began)

2015-11-08 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

Vekovnici, Tito, sarajevski atentat…

2015-09-26 Politika (Zlatibor Stanković)

History is repeating? (Tito)

2015-09-01 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

And after him – he (Tito)

2015-08-12 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

Internationals 01: Post-October 5 Trilogy (Scream, Year of Cancer, Ulysses)

2015-07-12 Pokazivac (Ivan Veljkovic)

A look into the ruins of an ideal (The Year of Cancer)

2014-10-10 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Let the first step be a leap: The Predestined

2014-09-14 Helly Cherry

The day the revolution began (Ulysses)

2014-08-20 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Islands and distant shores of freedom (New Pannonia)

2014-07-05 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Reminder and admonition (P.S.)

2014-06-27 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

Nobody important (The Scream)

2014-06-03 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

The aging of revolutionaries

2014-05-11 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

The dark day of growing up (The Day when the Summer Began)

2014-04-20 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)

The mythology of transformation (The Way)

2014-04-15 Dnevnik (ilija Bakic)

Touching passion

2014-02-27 NIN (Slobodan Ivkov)

A comics renaissance?

2014-02-15 Hlas ludu (Stevan Lehnart)

The comic about unusual everyday life (The Last Station)

2014-01-16 Dnevnik (Ilija Bakic)