Predrag Duric

I am an independent public health leader with over twenty-year professional record with public health and higher education. My personal mission is to lead transformation of healthcare and public health towards sustainable, quality and equity-based health systems through defining and development of strategic public health programmes.

I bring in-depth expertise around communicable (particularly HIV and hepatitis), non-communicable diseases and injury prevention and control; harm reduction; care and support for key populations; civil society capacity building; epidemic preparedness and response; outbreak investigation and control; continuing professional education along with very personal passion for health equity, social justice, and human rights.

I am a medical doctor, an epidemiologist and a public health expert with a specific focus on sustainable financing, social contracting, transition from international to national financing mechanisms and building sustainable, equity-based health systems. I started my career as a rural primary healthcare physician and continued it in a public health institute before I started my academic and international career. Being exposed to healthcare and public health practice in challenging settings helped me to look to public health from a broader, individual-centred perspective.

I am also an author and intellectual who tries to combine multiple expertise and skills tending to be innovative in providing new and effective solutions.

Predrag Duric, MD, PhD, Public Health Leader | Strategic Planning | Reform | Teaching | Programme/Project design | Programme Management | Team Leadership | Academic, Professional and Adult Education | Public Health Research